Welcome to Financial Democracy, by Symbid


Symbid crowdfunding funding network It truly is a fantastic time to be an entrepreneur.

It is a time in which the new paradigm of entrepreneurship is to be social and fun, daring and responsible. We’re investing in each other on a massive scale. From the rise of the student entrepreneur to the surprising speed at which established SMEs have warmed to the idea of peer-to-peer fundraising - we are putting ourselves back in control of our own financial destiny.

In this day and age, it is in the crowd we trust.

If the industrial revolution was about consumption, the digital age is all about creation. Manufacturing used to be little more than the output of things, but manufacturing today is increasingly based around people-powered processes & products that help us create & grow things collaboratively. The emphasis is on the process of creation itself. We're seeing people take back control of the means of production. This new production model now has an established method of payment: crowdfunding.

In many ways we are going back to the benci of 13th century Venice. The invention of the first financial services on the eve of the Renaissance was, at its very heart, about fuelling progression, innovation, art, philosophy and cultural change. We would haggle over price and lay the first foundations of a trustworthy relationship, the credo that all entrepreneurial actions are based upon.

You, the crowd, are the new credo and we, the platforms, are the benci. Together we are proving to be a better judge of which business ideas work for our world - a world in need of constant change. We’re reinventing the way people look at finance and entrepreneurship, shaking off the staleness of the past and refreshing whatever, wherever and whenever we can.

That’s what this blog is about: the chances and changes that peer-to-peer financial solutions are bringing to the world. The changes you are making a reality.

Crowdfunding is only a first step, like the dipping of a toe into an ocean of unprecedented possibilities. It is but a name we gave to an idea that is about something much more than fundraising. The core of this movement is about changing the financial industry into a more democratic entity through peer-to-peer online finance tools.

Being an influencer in this movement makes us both proud and humble at the same time. But above all it makes us realize that it truly is a fantastic time to be an entrepreneur.

Enjoy reading!