Innovative Tech and Crowdfunding: A Bright Future?


Symbid at Bright Day - the biggest tech event in the Netherlands What. A. Day.

Over 3000 people packed into the Gashouder in Amsterdam sampling the coolest gadgets from virtual reality headsets to hoverboards. That was Bright Day - the biggest tech event in the Netherlands - and Symbid was there to show why crowdfunding and tech is a match made in heaven.

In fact, we showcased three businesses and their highly innovative products that have been funded here at Symbid:

  • SPIN remote: "World's most beautiful remote control" (217 investors, €185,000)
  • Nerdalize: "Heating homes with the power of the cloud" (164 investors, €90,000)
  • Frebble: "Hold hands online" (132 investors, €40,000)

Check out the highlights from our Twitter feed below.

Our task at Bright Day was to show a tech crowd how to go one better than owning the next cool gadget - by actually owning shares in the business behind it. After all, crowdfunding is well-suited to the technology sector as a form of financing. Many innovative tech start-ups find it difficult to get funded via traditional routes.

"Go one better than owning the next cool gadget: owning shares in the business behind it"

At one time, opportunities to invest in a tech firm with the potential to become the next Google were very limited. Maybe only a few venture capitalists or angel investors would be given a chance. Today, thanks to crowdfunding, almost anyone can invest in start-up companies. In this way, crowdfunding has changed the face of investing by making it more democratic. Now the general public can invest early in all types of innovative start-ups, including tech firms.

It suits the entrepreneurs, too. While in the past it might have taken tech start-ups years to attract the attention and financing they needed to launch their products, now crowdfunding offers a platform to shorten the time to market and rapidly increase awareness. Crowdfunding also enables tech start-ups to engage existing customers and generate new brand advocates. By harnessing the power of the crowd businesses have access a diverse set of skills, experience and contacts.

That's why crowdfunding and tech are the perfect match.

"Now anyone can invest in tomorrow's tech... today."

Check out our video from Bright Day below.