The Online Start-up Simplifying Real Estate Investing


Breda, the location of Brickfund's first real estate investment portfolio Property is a fairly secure investment sector but can be difficult to enter if you don't have the know-how or resources.

Jeroen de Leijer saw an opportunity to simplify real estate investing and founded Brickfund. With one property investment portfolio already closed, Jeroen is seeking €150,000 to expand this innovative business.

Brickfund is now crowdfunding on Symbid, view the pitch and invest here.

  1. When did you decide to become an entrepreneur, and why?

Brickfund founder Jeroen de Leijer

I first became an entrepreneur in 2000 when I was living in London. I founded a value-added-services company in the Telecoms and media industry. I love to think about how I can create new services to markets that will benefit all. The reason I started Brickfund is that I wanted to share my experience in investing in property and make this accessible for everyone.

Property is one of the best ways to build assets that will secure someone’s financial future.

  1. What kind of entrepreneur are you?

That is a hard question. Some of my strengths are creativity and strategic planning, this in combination with sales and business development experience makes a good cocktail to start and grow a new business.

  1. In a few sentences, introduce your company

Brickfund is all about enabling people to invest, build and own a portfolio of property. Brickfund wants to become the key player around managing, financing and owning properties. The essential element is by combining large groups of investors we make it possible to offer disruptive, new and independent propositions to the market.

  1. Describe the past, present and future of your company

My ultimate vision for Brickfund is to become a marketplace where people can safely invest (easily sell and buy) in specific houses from €1000 upwards. People will build their investment house portfolio similar to a stock portfolio. In our exchange houses/property are the companies.

At the moment we are taking our first steps to reach the goal. The first step is to build a community of investors that will invest a minimum of €100.000 in one or property funds. The next steps will be obtaining the appropriate AFM licenses and to market Brickfund more to a mass-market of investors.

Further future related services on our roadmap are:

1) Offer investors a fixed fee for lending to property related companies (development, transformation, exploitation) 2) Make it easier for people to get a mortgage by crowd guarantees 3) Person 2 person mortgage services

  1. What is the unique value of the products/services you offer?

We offer a transparent way for investors to start building a property portfolio. Next to transparency we focus on limiting risks around finance, vacancies, maintenance, legal and tax issues. We all do this in a structure where Brickfund takes care of the whole property management. As a co-owner you simply log-in to Brickfund to monitor the performance.

  1. What is the main goal of your equity crowdfunding campaign?

This crowdfunding campaign serves two objectives:

1) Additional funds to grow in 2016; 2) Build more (brand) awareness around Brickfund.

  1. Why did you choose crowdfunding?

We are looking for ambassadors of our company. We want to move the crowd to support us.

  1. Give 3 key reasons to invest in your company
  • Return on investment. We are anticipating a growth of 500%+ over the next 3 years. This means that an investor’s investment will increase by a fivefold in value;
  • Support our objective to provide people with a secure and transparent way to build assets and to create predictable income;
  • Support the realization of new players in the financial markets to challenge and disrupt the existing market.

Brickfund is now crowdfunding on Symbid, view the pitch and invest here.