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Chordify Chords for any song

Chordify Chords for any song

Bas de haas is CEO and one of the founders of Chordify. After Bas finished his PhD in computer science at Utrecht University in 2011, he brought together a team of music enthusiasts to create Chordify. He talks about his idea and how it came about, read his story now!

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When did you decide to become an entrepreneur, and why?

I have a background in academia, but I have always been interested in entrepreneurship in general. As a scientific researcher you work on a problem, present the results, publish a paper about it, and move on to a next problem. Because of this, I found that a lot of great work in academia did not reach its full potential. So with Chordify, I picked one problem -- automatic chord extraction -- and assembled a team of experts and this became the basis of our company. Three years later, Chordify has evolved into an e-learning platform that supports five fulltime employees and five freelancers.

What kind of entrepreneur are you?

I believe that music is extremely important to a lot of people. Not only is it a lot of fun to play a musical instrument, but there is an increasing body of scientific evidence that relates the impact of musical skills on language development, fine motor coordination, creativity, and measures of intelligence. Every day, our users spend 4000 hours on our site learning to play their favorite tunes. This is my main motivation to continue to improve Chordify and help our users learn to play the music they love.

In a few sentences, introduce your company

Chordify instant chords for any song

Chordify instant chords for any song

Did you know that one in ten people on the planet plays a musical instrument? That’s over 700 million people! And there is an even bigger crowd that would love to play a musical instrument.

Unfortunately, 90% of people trying to learn an instrument quit in their first year. Music lessons are expensive, exercises become boring and practising is repetitive.

That’s why we’ve created Chordify. Chordify is a music e-learning platform that transforms any song into chords. With our state-of-the-art music technology, we reshape music education by creating affordable, engaging, and personalized products: Chordify makes it as easy as possible to learn your favorite music. Our service has gained impressive organic traction, which illustrates the natural demand for our product, and for music making in general.

Describe the past, present and future of your company

The Chordify WebApp has been up and running since January 2013. Since then, the company has grown steadily and organically, welcoming over 42 million unique visitors to the platform. 4.7 Million songs have been chordified by our users and 540,000 people have registered to the service.

Our ambition is to become the number one platform to learn and play your favorite music.

What is the unique value of the products/services you offer?

  • Chordify’s interface is extremely simple to use. Learning to play your favorite music has never been easier: it’s like karaoke for musicians!

  • Chordify has developed a much applauded chord grid view that enables our users to get a deeper understanding of the song’s structure.

  • Chordify combines automatic chord recognition algorithms with user-generated chord sequences. This way, both the machine and our users improve their ear training constantly.

  • Chordify’s team contains renowned top-tier scientists that have worked on automatic chord recognition for many years.

  • Chordify provides chords for all harmonic instruments (piano, ukelele, etc.), music production platforms, and DJs—not just guitar players.

Chordify piano

Chordify piano

What is the main goal of your crowdfunding campaign?

Chordify generates a healthy revenue to support management, operations, sales, and investments in chord recognition research and product development. We seek an investment of €180,000 to accelerate our product and market development. These funds will be allocated to three important improvements. After nine months the product will be scale-up ready, and we plan to raise funding to finance accelerated growth.

  1. Mobile is key. Our website is optimized for mobile use and we have recently launched our iOS app. However, we want to create an additional revenue stream by adding our premium plans to the iOS app and port the app to the Android platform.

  2. We make the Chordify platform more social by allowing our users to track, collect and share their practicing history and music preferences. Think of it as for music practicing.

  3. Influencers from the music industry will be used to promote the Chordify Embedded Player. Our Embedded Player will allow artists, festivals and teachers to have the Chordify experience embedded on their own website.

Why crowdfunding?

Chordify is a people’s platform. Crowdfunding enables us to share a portion of our company with the crowd while – at the same time – we raise funding to further improve our product. It’s a win-win situation.

Give 3 key reasons to invest in your company?

  1. In return for your investment, you become shareholder of Chordify. With that you become part of a revolution in music education, enabling everyone, worldwide to become a musician!

  2. Chordify has a highly scalable product. Chordify has high margins, low support, and minimal staff. In the last three years, our product has matured and our business models have been validated.

  3. Besides becoming a shareholder, we’ll be throwing in a neat bonus for you too:

  • Invest €20 - €80 and get a 3 month Chordify Premium gift voucher.

  • Invest €100 or more and get a one year Chordify Premium subscription.

  • Invest €500 or more and we’ll give you a lifetime Chordify Premium account.

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