PSYTREC | A unique, full-immersion approach to mental health


PSYTREC have treated over 50 PTSD patients since August 2015 As a former director at some of the world's biggest pharmaceutical companies, PSYTREC founder John Deighton saw that post-traumatic stress order (PTSD) was poorly understood and poorly treated by much of the healthcare industry.

John sought out some leading PTSD academic and, based on research by the University of Oxford, is now pioneering a revolutionary new treatment method with the help of 25 healthcare professionals.

PSYTREC is now crowdfunding on Symbid, view the pitch & invest here.

When did you decide to become an entrepreneur, and why?

Founder John Deighton

Due to my experience at Johnson & Johnson, Bional Pharma and other medical companies, I became aware of the issues in healthcare and in particular the long and often ineffective treatment of PTSD patients. PTSD is a life devastating illness.

I decided to do something about it and got together with the best professors on PTSD. We developed a new program called INTENSIVE8 specifically for the treatment of PTSD. In August we launched PSYTREC after a thorough preparation period. The rest is history…

What kind of entrepreneur are you?

I’m passionate about building a truly great profitable company that helps a lot of people and makes a substantial impact on the quality of life and on society in general. I am target-oriented, a people-motivator and good networker. I am focused on how I can do things smarter, better and faster. I believe I have a special talent to attract the right people that share my vision and go for it for the full 100%!

In a few sentences, introduce your company

PSYTREC is a mental healthcare organization that offers a new and globally unique PTSD treatment method that reduces the current 19 months of waiting and treatment time to a highly intensive, full immersion program of 2 x 4 days.

When we started PSYTREC we wanted to reduce the treatment time needed and offer a more quick solution for patients. Now, after having treated more than 80 patients we found out that the treatment is not only much faster but also significantly more effective offering a 72% cure rate as opposed to the conventional treatment at 35-45%.

Describe the past, present and future of your company

PSYTREC was incorporated in December 2014. We spend a lot of time with the leading professors developing the treatment method, recruiting the best psychologists in the Netherlands and setting up the clinic in Bilthoven. After a period of preparations, we started operations in August 2015.

We treated 50 patients in 2015 with excellent results. In 2016, we are making a big step forwards increasing the capacity of the number of patients we are treating and professionalising the organization. We expect to expand the current capacity of about 600 patients per year to 1800 patients in the near future.

What is the unique value of the products/services you offer?

The PSYTREC treatment program called INTENSIVE8 is worldwide unique and offers great benefits in treatment duration reducing 19 months to 2 x 4 days and significantly improving cure rates from on average 40% to 72%. The INTENSIVE8 program combines the proven EMDR- and exposure methods with psycho-education and sports in an very intensive and effective program. Patients reactions are very positive.

What is main goal of your crowdfunding campaign?

The goal is to fund the growth plans of the PSYTREC clinic in Bilthoven and to create a community of investors that will support and promote this initiative. This will help us increase brand recognition and help increase new patient applications.

Why crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding offers a great combination of funding, exposure, marketing and of course fun!

Give 3 key reasons to invest in your company

  1. We help people that have a life disrupting illness called PTSD. The societal impact of INTENSIVE8 is very large. We are literally saving lives!
  2. PSYTREC is worldwide the sole provider of this new PTSD treatment. In the Netherlands alone, 120.000 people are confronted with PTSD annually excluding the refugees that are entering this country. The market size is really huge for this treatment;
  3. PSYTREC is a very interesting investment that is expected to produce a healthy dividend of 6% or more. We intend to buy the shares back after a period of three years for a maximum return of 50% or after a period of 5 years for a maximum return of 100%.

In summary, I believe this is a very attractive investment in many ways!


PSYTREC is now crowdfunding on Symbid, view the pitch & invest here.