Equity Crowdfunding in the USA

Symbid has always been a frontrunner in the equity-based crowdfunding industry. As one of the first equity crowdfunding platforms in the world, we have always said that the biggest equity market in the world, the US, will catapult the industry into hyper-growth.
Now that the regulation is adopted and implemented in the US since May 16, 2016, an astonishing $ 76.6 million has been raised via so-called From C fillings. For more information please check out this post from our friends at Start Engine. More interestingly the net increase was $ 8 million last month, very impressive and indicating that the US market will become the fastest equity-based crowdfunding market.
It is interesting to see how these platforms will develop. It is clear that European platforms like Seedrs, Symbid en Crowdcube have already had several learning loops in their practices and have developed various services like Investor Relations, Secondary Markets and further developed regulatory statuses. Nonetheless, it will be interesting for crowdfunding enthusiast to diversify their portfolios geographically, and let’s be honest we all would like to own a piece of the next unicorn.
Below an overview of some of the campaigns that have raised significant cash as well as provide interesting opportunities.


Mobile ad tech solution.


Med X

Pest management product to cannabis cultivators.



Make any bike electric in 60 seconds.


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