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Wordt crowdfunding volwassen?

Vorig jaar werd in Europa alleen al voor €2,5 miljard gefinancierd via crowdfunding. We doen er zelf graag aan mee: 1 op de 10 Nederlanders steekt geld in crowdfunding. Exponentiele groeicijfers van 140% per...


From Startup to Unicorn in 5 Steps

In today’s world of startups, there are three ultimate outcomes: failure, modest success and, very rarely, spectacular success. In our last article we covered the meteoric rise of startup “unicorns” – mythical creatures of a...


7 Predictions for the Future of Finance

A new 179-page report from the World Economic Forum has confirmed what many of us in FinTech already knew. Innovative technologies are disrupting financial services by putting pressure on traditional business models, and will...